Maximum Folk.

The beauty of B-sides is their unpretentious character. In the shadow of the A-side, they raise no claim to be great hits, they don’t have to bend over backwards to suit their audiences tastes – yet they have the potential to establish themselves as memorable and catchy tunes. It’s a similar thing with the music of THE SAY HIGHS: Since their creation in 2005 in Berlin / Germany, the band around GUIDO KREUTZMÜLLER & DAVE McGINTY writes, produces and performs numerous B-sides and tracks in the best folk tradition, leading to numerous gigs in clubs, bars and theatres, to festivals, street corners and living room chairs - this including slots with and for Kula Shaker, Blumfeld, The Sea and Cake, The Posies, The Twang, Jack Penate as well as many more.

The special appeal of their songs lies in the warmth of the close harmony vocals, the subtle breaks, the delicateness of their turns and the little details. Like cleverly-designed collages, the songs appear like total works of art, in which the joy of experimental interaction is audible in each moment. The harmonies, the jingle-jangle guitars, the many little melodies and thoughts wafting through the songs’ B-side understatement – altogether happy and sad, dusty and tender, bringing a bit of the world along to dance and listen to.

On their current "Songs for two – Acoustic & Seated" Tour THE SAY HIGHS now go back to their roots – 2 vocals, 2 guitars and an endless list of songs. In other words: Maximum Folk.



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